Reproducible Development Environment

Nix, Guix


In the future it won't make much sense to do video like that: Person will be able to replicate such setup with just few lines of config file.


Fear free environment
rde control all the data, which have to be synced/backed up, everything else is reproducible from this data.
Truly reproducible
When you can fix project, that was released 10 years ago
Instant set-up
When developer don't have to spend hours to get all necessary libs and packages installed and configured in his system.
Close to prod
When you have same binaries on production.
Dev/system env separation
System can be updated, without breaking project environment.
Complex setup without complex setup process. In more details that idea described in RDE pitch.

Nice bonuses

Collaborate on env
Developers can develop their development environment

Difference with puppet/chef/ansible

Funny idea

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