Almost Perfect Dotfiles Management w/ nix, home-manager and flakes

RDE, flakes, Nix, Home Manager



Когда-нибудь задумывались о переносе старых конфигов с одного компа на другой? Всё ещё используете git+stow или самописные скрипты для создания симлинков? Тогда мы идём к вам!

Дотфайлы, \~/.configs, как их мэнэджить, как не забыть установить нужный пакет в систему.


Perfect Dotfiles Management.

In 2.5 hours will be talking about dotfiles, flakes, NixOS modules, overlays, home-manger and how to combine all that stuff.

Will make reproducible dotfiles, package and system management setup.

Will glad to see you on the stream and discuss any questions in the chat.


  • Partitioned
  • Generated config -> flake modified
  • Skipped step about user-space apps

Use case

Maintainable developer setup with few machines and few projects.

What we will be doing today?

  • Talk about simple solutions
  • Explore current setup
  • Refactor and write documentation

Basic solution

Dotfiles manager

  • Dotfiles (~/.vimrc, ~/.zshrc, etc)
  • git+stow/yadm

Few Sample Problems

  • Package drifting
  • Can't handle system or external dependencies
  • Unexpected breakages and painful rollbacks
  • Different HiDPI across few hosts
  • Shared data between programs


  • Easy installation of new system
  • Separate package and configuration updates
  • Easy rollback
  • Sharing data between apps
  • Configuration and dependencies in one place

How to check? Install system reading README. Didn't forget anything important that you introduced recently?

pros and cons


  • Can generate system with all dotfiles pre-installed
  • One language to rule them all
  • Shared variables for different apps


  • You have to rebuild you home after changing config

In the next episodes

  • Setup from flake template
  • Managing secrets
  • Per project setup

To higlight/For demo

  • i3lock not installed in the system, but still works
  • vscode theme syncronization with alacritty