Nix vs Guix

Some notes

  • We are not aware of a lot of GNU software available to us.
  • Seems that Guix more hacker-friendly/explorable.

General comparsion

Description Nix Guix Comment
Established 2003 2013  
Poprietary Software Yes No  
Other OSe MacOS, GNU/Linux GNU/Linux, Hurd  
Packages nixpkgs (53000) guix (15000+)
Nix vs Guile Nix GNU Guile  
Documentation Docbook GNU Texinfo  
Branching model Combined Rolling-release  
Service manager systemd GNU Shepherd  
Build scripts Bash G-exps  
Version lock Flakes Channels  
Consistency Medium High  
cli implementation c++ guile  
Bootstrapping ? Yes GNU Mes
Module System Yes No  
Implicity Frequent OKeish  

Version lock

Flakes seems to provide more hermetic builds than guix channels. Guix still can access different values on host, maybe I'm not yet aware of some features like pure evaluation mode or something similiar.

Nix vs Guile

Nix isn't bad, but feels like DSL and it's necessary to learn/invent new patterns, the tooling is kinda lacking. There are some goodies: you can have few versions of nixpkgs in one profile at the same time, nix doesn't have namespaces and it won't fail with name collision.

Guile is full-fledged scheme with good tooling.


Nix has much more packaged.

Guix has only free software in main repo, definitions looks more consistent and less hacky.

Also, main Guix channel doesn't include too crappy packages. Will add more formal definition of crappy packages later, but as far as I know packages should be bootstrapable in most cases.


Guix has centralaized and well-organized documentation in html/pdf/info format. Moreover info format has links to related topics like guile, different gnu utilities and so on.

For example info:guix#Build Systems refers to info:guile#Optional Arguments.

Branching model

NixOS has a release twice an year. Guix doesn't have stable branch, all fixes goes straight to master. Is it bad or good is debatable, because it's possible to freeze versions of specific packages or even whole development environments. That's mean that we can keep as less system packages as possible to reduce attack surface and possible breakage on pulling updates from master, everything else will be managed per-user or per-project inside profiles.

Guix problems

  • You can't use few channels with different version of guix in one profile

Nix problems

  • Inconsistent nix cli
  • Tooling kinda lacking for nix language
  • Glued together different parts not so well integrated


Why started with Nix?

  • dotfiles not enought
  • multilang projects are hard
  • tools outside lang ecosystem
  • db other external services

How it feels?

  • Nix and Guix feels like Spacemacs and Emacs
  • Flakes.
  • NixOS modules

What can be done for Guix

  • easier setup LiveCD with WM/DE + small cli utility
  • easier configuration like NixOS modules
  • tool for managing multilangual projects and related profiles (updating manifest/lockfile, creating project from template)

For future conferences

  • Background music while waiting for start and message on the screen.


  • abcdw