Plans for 2021

What we do today?

Plans for the future.


Done (roughtly)

  • Installed a system and all user configurations in few commands.
  • Built a reproducible emacs config.
  • Created a development environment (python+system).
  • Deploy an operating system to remote host from declarative configuration.
  • Switched to Guix and Wayland

Not done

  • State management
  • Dev Service management
  • Secret management


rde home

For managing configs and services

rde state

For syncranization and backup.

At every given moment if state is syncronized I can completely wipe the storage and will be able to recover the working environment in few minutes.

  • Credentials (passwords and keys) Management (gpg+pass+ssh+state)
  • Notes (emacs+sqlite+state)
  • Accounting/Finances (ledger+gpg+state)
  • Emails/Patches (mbsync+pass+mu4e/gnus+backup?)
  • Blogging setup (org-roam tree+blog posts+deploy to server)

rde project

  • Dependency managment (also transparent)
  • Instantion from template
  • Dev Services management
  • State management

Ask for help

  • Give me a feedback (on video quality, format or content)
  • Share recordings (on reddit, hackernews)


  • abcdw
  • @andrewtropin at telegram
  • andrew [-at-]