Small Christmas Stream


Some ideas on my mind.

GNU Guix and Guix Home

  • FSF approved Distribution and Package manager.
  • Gaining Popularity (#guix, content, chats).
  • Improving and Growing.

Plans and Wishes

  • guix-home-service-type and more home services upstreamed.
  • Channels dependencies and better management guix pull.
  • More guix deploy and self-hosted. Better RISC-V and ARM support.
  • Participate in Guix project more actively?
  • Decentralized substitutes distribution.



  • Sane GNU/Linux operating system.
  • All the niceties of Guix System and Guix Home.
  • Wayland with Sway/PipeWire/WirePlumber.
  • GNU Emacs, pgtk, native-comp, vanilla flavor, completion.
  • Mails, Mailing lists, IRC, git.
  • Org, Markdown, PDFs, Notes/Knowledgebase.

More Ideas

  • State Management, secrets/contacts/calendars.
  • Manual, Live Image and first release.
  • Per-language rde features.
  • More everyday features and plenty of work on existing.


Free and open standards ecosystem and decentralization.

  • Better git/patch/email integration and streamlined workflow.
  • IRC, IPFS, ActivityPub, etc.
  • ML archives via git for SourceHut.

Programming Languages and Operating Systems.

  • 20 langauges challenge.
  • Small RISC-V OS project (lang, fs, vcs).


Xinglu Chen
Protesilaos Stavrou
Ludovic Courtes
Oleg Pykhalov
Drew DeVault



Don't afraid to do a cool stuff, you can make someones life better without even knowing it.