I'm Andrew Tropin, I work on operating systems and programming languages and do a lot of Free and Open Source Software Development.

With years of experience in the field, I offer consulting, research, and development services in the areas that matter most to me.


You may already know me from educational talks, streams, publications and my involvement in the following projects:

There are a few ways you can support me and projects I work on.

Areas of Expertise

My primary areas of interest and expertise include:

Don't hesitate to reach me out if you have questions in other topics, as my colleagues do a lot of research and development in Machine Learning (NLP, CV, LLM), Data Science, Programming Language Theory and Formal Verification.

Consulting Services

I offer a range of consulting services to help you achieve your goals in the software development world. Whether you're seeking guidance on Guix, Guile, Lisps, looking for improvement of Development Processes and Tools for your team or have some request in any related topics, I'm here to assist you.

I would like to make software development more accessible, efficient, and reliable, and I'm excited to work with you to make it happen.

Feel free to contact me for inquiries or to discuss potential collaborations.