As you probably already know, I'm Andrew Tropin :) I work full time on Free and Open Source Software. If you want to help us cover infrastructure costs, to support my projects, projects I'm related to, and people working on them, and make this work for us more sustainable, please do!

The best way will be contacting me about possible contracts, collaborations and funding. Also, consider donation on, it helps and motivates a lot, maybe even more than one can expect.

If you want to support me personally, check out the Tropin subproject on OpenCollective or use the following options:

Sharing the word about the project, giving a constructive feedback and expressing a gratitude are also important ways of support.

If you have something else in mind contact me (Andrew) via email.

Other people and projects to support

I apprecciate every bit of support your provide, but if you are looking for more options to improve this world, there are folks, who are good in what they do and definitely worth your attention:

Write them something sweet, share your excitment about their work and support it financially, great work deserves great support.